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Board of Directors

The Western Cass Fire Protection District is governed by a 5-member Board of Directors who are elected by the voters of the District in April of odd numbered years. Directors serve 6-year staggered terms.

All decisions by the Board of Directors require at least 2 or 3 "yes" votes depending on the majority of those present.  The Board adopts & amends a budget, policies, and administrative procedures, approves contracts & expenditures, & appoints operations personnel such as the Chief, Assistant Chief, Firefighters, EMTs, and First Responders.  The Board also:

  • Determines the District's Mission, Vision, critical issues, and Strategic/Master Plan
  • Ensures compliance with Federal & State laws, codes, rules & regulations
  • Sets fees, sales tax rate, & property tax rate levy
  • Allocates & is a steward for District's assets & resources
  • Monitors progress towards compliance with Federal & State laws, codes, rules & regulations, fulfilling the District's Mission & reaching the District's Vision
  • Develops personnel job qualifications, position/role descriptions/expectations, reporting structure, & succession
  • Calls for & declare elections, including candidate filing
  • Approves the annual Financial Report

Directors also must take Certified Fire & Ambulance District Board Training within a year of being elected or appointed--click here to see scheduled classes.


The current directors that are serving on the board have elected to recieve NO compensation for their work on your behalf.  By law they can be compensated for meetings and other activities but they have unanimously decided to forgo any payment, and instead dedicate all funds possible to the training, equipment, and facilities that aid the public in times of peril.

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