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Powers of the Board of Directors

By Missouri Revised Statutes, a Fire Protection District Board of Directors has the following powers:

  • Have perpetual existance (only the voters can consolidate or disolve the District)
  • Have & use a corporate seal
  • Sue & be sued
  • Enter into contracts
  • Borrow money & issue voter-approved bonds
  • Acquire land, building buildings, purhcase equipment & supplies
  • Refund unused taxes collected to pay off bonds
  • Manage everything (delegating most tasks to the Chief & others)
  • Hire agents, engineers, attorneys, firefighters, EMTs, & paramedics, including part-time & unpaid (volunteers)
  • Eminent domain
  • Accept gifts & return gifts, including surplus property
  • Adopt bylaws & ordinances
  • Pay costs of elections
  • Necessary & incidental powers
  • Provide employee & volunteer benefits
  • Joint powers, e.g., mutual aid agreements; central dispatching; etc.
  • Collect fees & receive reimbursements for hazmat responses
  • Levy sales & property taxes


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