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The Western Cass Fire Protection District was establshed by the Cass County Circuit Court in 1983 after a successful election by the voters. Click here to view the Court's Final Order Establishing the District.

The District provides fire protection and emergency medical services in the Union Township of Cass County, Missouri and all of the City of Cleveland, including the portion of the City of Cleveland in the West Dolan Township. The District also serves the entire Village of Riverview Estates as well as a small portion of the City of Peculiar within the Union Township.

As shown on the organizational chart on the District's Personnel webpage, the District is governed by a Board of Directors and Operations is led by the Chief.

The District's approximately 2,475 residents living in approximately 875 households are served by 2 fire stations for the District's 30+ square miles.

The District's boundaries are approximately the same as the Union Township of Cass County, Missouri, as shown on the map below. 

The District's boundaries are east of Mullen Road, south of 203rd Street (plus a tract of land under the water tower in Mount Pleasant Township on the northside of 203rd Street), west of the state line between Missouri and Kansas, and north of the 255th Street (plus the City of Cleveland in the West Dolan Township as well as the unincorporated area west of Cleveland in the West Dolan Township)..

A colorful map segment with street names, possibly indicating different zoning or district areas, with "WESTERN CASS" text overlay.
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