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Chris Johnson
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Christopher Johnson

Following common parliamentary law, the District's Secretary:

  • In absence of Chair, calls Board meetings to order & Immediately conducts election of Chair pro tem
  • Assists Chair preparing Board meeting agendas & posts agendas
  • Maintain official roll of Directors
  • Keeps legal record of proceedings of all Board meetings
  • Prepares & presents Board meetings minutes to Board for approval
  • Possess & protect corporate seal & use seal to attest official Board acts, orders, & proceedings
  • Call roll when requested by Chair
  • Notify officers, committees, & Directors-Elect of their election or appointment
  • Notify Directors of special meetings or changes in meeting dates or times
  • Keep a record of all District, certificates, contracts, bonds given by employees & record of corporate acts
  • Receive official correspondence, e.g., report from Verification Board, certain citizen petitions, etc.

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